If These Eyes Could Talk..

Genesis 19:26 If your eyes could speak; what would they say? What would be revealed to those around you? What would they see that you don’t want them to see? So many that are in this world do the most trying to keep what they’ve done and been apart of under wraps!! But those thatContinue reading “If These Eyes Could Talk..”

Kingdom Gals: It’s Grooming Season; From Princess to Queen

The Book of Esther Many of us want to reach the level we desire but don’t want to go through the grooming process! Your walk! Your speech! Your attitude! Your response! Your reflex! Your mindset! Your heart! Your soul! Your spirit! Your temple (body)! All needs to go through a grooming process! A detox! TheContinue reading “Kingdom Gals: It’s Grooming Season; From Princess to Queen”

Who is In; Your Inner Circle?

Godly Relationships….Godly Community…..Godly Connections….. Ask yourself: Do you have them? Do you fit in with them? Do you inspire them? What do your relationships look like? Do you have community that you can count on? Who can you call when you are in trouble? What kind of friend are you? This is probably the mostContinue reading “Who is In; Your Inner Circle?”