3 Month Coaching/Christian Counseling

Are you a Single Mom? Would you like to receive a complimentary 1 hour coaching and/or Christian Counseling session for May, June and July? My passion will always be to help Single Moms!! I’ve been one for over 30 years!! This was placed on my heart to do and I want to be obedient. 🤍💜🤍💜InterestedContinue reading “3 Month Coaching/Christian Counseling”

Kingdom Gals Ministries: Let’s Talk SisterHood…

Sisterhood; what does it mean to you?Many women don’t know how to be a sister in Christ!! Or should I say; many don’t care to be!! That’s what I’ve learned over the years. When do we evolve? When do we go higher? Many would rather be in cliques then be part of God-ordained relationships…What areContinue reading “Kingdom Gals Ministries: Let’s Talk SisterHood…”