It’s A New Day!!

Some of us are just built different! All of us get tempted but it’s how you deal with it that matters!! #jesuschic #singlemomofpurpose #kingdomgalsministries Temptation: Talk back to that big voice in your head soothing you to go out and be bad!! “I’m refusing to listen to you! No I don’t want to be likeContinue reading “It’s A New Day!!”

Preach The Word!!

On this day, 2 years ago; I preached my first sermon in the pulpit. God has been preparing me for ministry since 2008/2009 but some folks still treat me like I was/am some lightweight. People look at the outer appearance! God looks at the heart! Folks say well she doesn’t whoop, she doesn’t holler. WhereContinue reading “Preach The Word!!”

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