Church Hurt: From the Pews to the Pulpit..

Would you believe me if I told you that being called by God isn’t and won’t be a walk in the park? You’re going to be lied on! Talked about! Rejected and pushed aside! And guess what this will be by the very hands of the ones that call themselves “Christians”. Clutch your pearls and…

What Is Love?

The world gets so excited for this one day out of the year; when they get to express their love through flowers, candies, jewelry and other gifts. For many this may be the only day that they hear and see the words: I love you.  How did this day even come about? Let’s take a…

The Pastor’s Corner: Moving Beyond Church Hurt

I’m going to be completely honest and say that Church Hurt was and is one of the most hardest trials for me to break free from!  People will say that it doesn’t exist because they don’t want to look in the mirror. So many people experience this and we need to stop allowing folks to…

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