Shift Saturdays!!!

Never allow anyone to tell you that you can’t shift, change, have or be better! Dr Tamara

1. “A shift is a change in something or an adjustment in the way something is done.”

Why is it many don’t like to shift?

Many will stay stuck in a place or certain mindset for months, days, years; hung up on what if….

What if?

What if?

What if?

Time will and has been wasted on what if…

Often times a change or shift is needed for opportunity to place itself out!

Often times a change or shift is needed for favor to show up in your life!

What if holds us in a place or nothing and nowhere. It’s time to advance into new territory of endless possibilities; it’s time to Shift!

New Season, New You!

New Career, New Outlook!

New Mindset, New Memories!

To get started there is a very simple formula to follow:

1. Release

2. Renew

3. Replace

Happy Shifting…

Written and published by Dr Tamara

©2022 Copyrighted Kingdom Gals Ministries

Dr Tamara McCarthy is a Pastor, Self Published Author, Writer, Blogger, Podcaster, Certified Christian Life Coach and Single Mom.

She has earned her Doctorate in Philosophy with the concentration in Christian Counseling.

It has always been her passion to uplift, motivate, encourage and inspire young ladies and women to live their best life; while going through the journey of getting more of God and less of them! This journey isn’t easy and we need those that have gone through those murky waters to guide others through!

She is the Founder of Kingdom Gals Ministries & Kingdom Love Coaching.

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