The Pastor’s Corner: I’m Still Here

Written by Dr Tamara Purpose Driven

I’m Still Here!!

Scripture: Luke 24:1-49

In this passage of scripture we find out about an encounter the Disciples had with Jesus after His resurrection. After walking closely with Jesus and being trained by Him to go out into the world and make other disciples the craziest thing happened. They didn’t recognize Him! How sway?

God has saved all of us from so many things sent to take us out; and many still don’t recognize Him! Jesus had to remind His Disciples of the words He spoke to them before His departure.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of what God has already spoken into our lives! The favor He has already bestowed upon us; to bring our minds back to reality! We get to a certain place in our lives and we forget how we got there and who made it all possible.

So many people think they are still here because God is pleased with them! When the real reason is He is continually granting them another opportunity to get it right!!! They keep failing at making amends! They keep failing at saying I’m sorry!! They keep failing at showing forgiveness! They keep failing at being the light in dark places!! They keep failing at loving thy neighbor! They keep failing at lust & fornication!! They keep failing at allowing those into their lives that God has sent to actually help them! They keep failing at keeping their eyes on Him! They keep failing at rebuking the enemy! They keep failing at praying & fasting! They keep failing at really praising God and giving Him the respect that He is due!! But He keeps showing up & showing out and He is still here!!!

So many run to their pastor, or prophets, apostles, bishops, etc so many idolize these people like they are God but they’re not they are called and sent by God (well some of them are but that’s another story for a different day) but God can never be replaced by a man or a woman!!

God is saying I’m distinct! I’m one of a kind! “I Am, That I Am” There is nobody and nothing in this world that is like me nor can they take my place!!

I’m the one that sent my son Jesus here to save mankind and what did you do? You nailed him to a cross! I’m the one that told Noah to build the ark and to only allow his family and the animals in; and what did you do, laugh at him! I’m the one who told Abraham to sacrifice his son but just as he was about to take him out; I sent a ram to be used in his place! I’m the one who used Moses to free my people Israel, I’m the one who parted the Red Sea and took out their enemy!! I’m the one who saved Daniel and the 3 Hebrew boys from those fiery flames and that wicked system! I’m the one who created the heavens and the earth! I’m the one who made it day and even night! Tell me please tell me what man or woman can do all these things? God is still here and He is waiting for His church, His children to come back to Him!

Will you be one? So many think they can just make a claim with no action!

“I’m a Christian” but I still do this, I still do that! How sway? When you come to Christ; you are giving up the former. We are to be renewed! Made over! Changed!

Is it automatic? Is it easy? No, but you have to go through the process just like everybody else! You have to be determined! You have to believe in Him and allow Him in! We are set apart! We are cut from a different cloth! So many want to point out that Jesus sat and ate with sinners etc yes but did He take on their ways or did He encourage them to change? To do better? Offer them a new way of living?

When God has changed your life; some may believe that you think you are better than them. That you act like you are better than them. Let me say this; we are offered the same choices in life; God or the world? Heaven or Hell? Truth or Lies? Right or Wrong? Can we really blame our sister or brother for the road that they chose? Jesus came into the world for us All! He didn’t pick or choose who He would come for! Some of us just grabbed hold of the hem of His garment and refused to let go.

So many will claim to be a Ride or Die Chick for a man; but won’t claim the same for God?

God is still here! Will you choose Him?

Written and published by Dr Tamara

©2021 Copyrighted

Kingdom Gals Ministries

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