The Perfect Guy by Dr Tamara Purpose Driven

Have you seen the movie called The Perfect Guy; starring Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut and Michael Ealy? It’s a must see if you haven’t!

The beginning of the movie you see Sanaa and Morris as a couple but like many relationships they couldn’t see eye to eye and broke up! Sanaa moved on to whom she thought was The Perfect Guy (Michael).

What women doesn’t want the Perfect Guy? That guy that will treat you like the Queen that you are? That guy who doesn’t only tell you; but shows you that they care for you? That guy that just seems like he has it all together; not lacking anything? Does this guy even exist?

Sanaa thought so, until like so many other guys; he went all out looney tune! His appearance and smooth talking hid what was underneath! How many of us make the same mistake? We look at the outer appearance and think he has it all together? He look good! He got a good job! “Girl, he the one! That’s gonna be my baby daddy!” And dude be psycho crazy! I should know I fell for 2 of them! Both tried to kill me! But God!

Ladies, our lives mean to so much! We aren’t going to evaporate if we don’t have a man! I don’t know about you; but I want the man that God has for me! God’s best; and that means I just have to wait until God is ready to send him! No running after anyone! No lowering my standards to get one! No sleeping around and hope somebody will think about wife-ing me! Nope I’m good; I’ll wait.

Let me share with you my thoughts and take-aways from the movie.

1. if she would’ve just waited; she wouldn’t have lost out on who was supposed to be her husband (in relationships you will learn you have to compromise! Meet each other somewhere in between

2. don’t just be bringing dudes to your house! Get to know them first! (Single moms remember your kids and how this can affect them. You don’t know anything about these guys! Protect yourself and your children)

3. she took him home to meet her parents; why? She thought he was the one! The man she was with for 2 years didn’t even have access!

4. she was in lust not love; that first kiss got her juices flowing! She wanted more. (You have to watch the movie to understand this)

I’m speaking from a Kingdom perspective! Worldly mindsets won’t get nothing that I’m sharing. When you serve God! When you want all of Him and none of You! We move and act differently! Are we prefect? No but we know better; therefore we strive to do and be better!

As a Kingdom Woman our desire should be for a Kingdom Man. Not just because he says he is one; because he acts and lives like one! Check his fruit! We have to stop taking folks at their word and look at their life! I don’t care how good he can preach! Does he serve God? I don’t care how smooth he can talk! Can he back them demons up; when all hell breaks loose? I don’t care how good he can dress! Does he know how to fast and get before God?

You see when you’re in God; you want differently! Ain’t no regular guy going to do! He can’t be no baby Christian just driving around with his Bible in his car! Do you know the word? Do you have a personal and direct relationship with God? Do you listen to His every command?

We different out here in these Kingdom streets! We know who we are! We know whose we are! And we know God has His best in store for us!

Kingdom Men it’s time to step up! Get your healing! Get in position! Kingdom Marriages is the desire and the requirement..

Written and published by Dr Tamara

©2021 Copyrighted

Kingdom Gals Ministries

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