Birthday Reflections!!

For some their new year is Jan 1st for me it’s my Birthday! A new year! A new season! I lost my grandfather on my birthday 4 years ago so getting ordained last year on my birthday brought me some much needed joy..Read my birthday reflection below.

I’m truly finding out 1st hand that everyone isn’t your friend! Everyone doesn’t root for you that say they do! Everyone doesn’t want you to win! Everyone can’t go to your next level with you! God will send people into your life but so will the enemy! But guess what God will use that very thing (the same people) sent to get you off track; to Bless you!! Many say you don’t need this, you don’t need that to do God’s work etc but apparently you do in this society. If you don’t have a track record or a piece of paper many won’t take you seriously…another story for another day…The point for this post is that I’m Still Here! On this day last year on my BIRTHDAY I WAS ORDAINED A PASTOR FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD!! Not even a year later the same folks wanted me dead!!! Told me that God himself would do it if I didn’t bow down to THEM!! Lol…..I don’t and will never bow down to any Man, Woman, or child!! I been doing what God created and called me to do WAY BEFORE MOST OF THESE PEOPLE CAME INTO MY LIFE AND I CONTINUE TO DO SO AFTER THEIR DEPATURE!! I wish people would realize THAT GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY!!
Side note: I blacked out their faces because they aren’t important and it’s not about them….Today is MY DAY!!! Father God!! I thank you for everything; even the crazy situations you’ve brought me through!!! I am forever yours….😇😇😇

In life we will have ups and downs! What matters most is how we deal with them!! Full steam ahead!!!

Dr Tamara

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