It’s Time to Move On!!

Often times we get stuck in this mindset; thinking we can somehow make a difference; in a dark and gloomy place!

Many times this place is in our very own mind! We believe if we just stay a little longer; they will come around.

If we continue to put our feelings aside; they will somehow have a change of heart!

If we continue to bleed then maybe just maybe they will give us some bandages and clean us up!

That may be the case for some but not all. Sometimes God does send us to places and to people to assist them with getting it right or getting on the right track!

Yes Jesus died for the very ones who wanted Him dead! But this isn’t our battle; nor our cross to bare!!

So many of us have get to a place where we are okay with giving up our lives for people who won’t even give us the shirt off their backs!

They won’t yell stop if they see us walking into a slaughter! They won’t give us a drink if they see us thirsty! They won’t give us a warm meal if they see us hungry! They wouldn’t even come to visit us if we were locked up in the jail!

Everyone isn’t your assignment! Everyone isn’t your friend! Everyone isn’t your wife! Everyone isn’t your husband!! Everyone isn’t your problem! Who is your brother? Who is your sister?

Take a quick second and read this:

Matthew 25:31-46 NKJV

Allow it to marinate into your soul!!

It’s Time to Move On!! This may be hard for some of us to do! But it needs to be done!! Watch how better your life gets! Watch how much your stress levels go down!

Everyone isn’t built the same; some people thrive off of dysfunction; they love getting over on people and using folks!

They have a narcissistic mindset and this has no place in the lives of those that serve God and belong to Him!

This type of mindset or behavior has no place in the church or God’s Kingdom; but snakes always find a way to slither in!! It’s up to us to crush them under our feet!!

It’s Time to Move On! Do you believe that God can do anything? He created Heaven & Earth!! He created every kind of animal you can think of!! He made the day into night! Surely He can do anything; but guess what? We have to step aside and allow Him in!! We have to grant Him access in our lives!

Letting go will hurt; but God!! I love that He loves us unconditionally with no strings attached!! People will have all kinds of reason to love and not to love us! But God isn’t like man! From the day we were engrafted into our mothers womb; His love for us began! He doesn’t co-sign anything or anyone that is set on harming us or mistreating us; those people will have their day!

A new day is here; will you grab hold of His hand and follow His lead?

It’s Time to Move On!!

Be blessed my fellow brothers & sisters!!

Written and published by Dr Tamara

©2021 Copyrighted

Kingdom Gals Ministries

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