Let’s Talk: Men

This past weekend I had a conversation with Tanisha Shanee “Miss Inspiration” and our topic was MEN…

You can hear our conversation here: https://anchor.fm/tamara06/episodes/Lets-Talk-Men-with-special-guest-Tanisha-Shanee-e17km9r

Or here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/single-mom-of-purpose/id1446968952?i=1000536072609

We will definitely be continuing this much needed conversation!! Why?

My thoughts: Apparently we needed to have this conversation!! Some conversations can’t be kept hidden!!! How can we get better if we don’t talk it out? If we don’t find the solutions?? We are always talking about the women and what they need to do; where they are flawed; how they need to do their work; etc. The men need some help as well. Too many good women “Kingdom Women” are awaiting a “Good Kingdom Man” and we just keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting!! Stay tuned for part 2 of this conversation!! Tanisha Shanee thank you for your YES!!!

We need to be in Unity!! Kingdom Relationships!!!

Healing is necessary!! Not just for women! But men as well.. It’s part of the process in getting better and becoming whole again. We all get hurt! But do we all heal and overcome…stay tuned…we got work to do…Dr Tamara

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