This Can’t Be It…

John 10:10 “A thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” (CSB)

When you became a believer (born again) what did you expect?

1. Good days shucks (blessed days)

2. Walking in a bed of Roses! (Nobody and Nothing Being Able to Touch Me or Stop Me)

3. Everybody (The Church) on the Same Page!!! United & Free!!!

4. Unconditional Love!! Not only from God but EVERYBODY

5. Being Free Just to Be Who I Am

The list could really go on and on and I’m going to be Honest; This list is great but real talk I didn’t know what to expect! I Just Wanted God and More of HIM!! All the other Stuff would’ve been extra and nice but did any of us get that?

Does any church possess ALL GOOD PEOPLE? Everyone getting along? Nobody talking about the other? Nobody pinning LEADER against LEADER?

Why do some do this? Aren’t WE supposed to be a New Creation when We come back to God? Aren’t WE Supposed To Change From Our Wicked Ways?

How can We Claim to Be Of God; When Many Are Acting Like The Enemy? WHERE IN THE BIBLE DID JESUS ACT THIS WAY?

Isn’t He Suppose to Be Our Example? Aren’t We To Follow HIS Lead? How can we be quick to say and sang; I Luh God!! But We Aren’t Acting Like Him?

This Can’t Be It!! This can’t be how He designed Us to Be!! It CAN’T!!

So many of us are so quick to call people our Sister! Our brother; while we are stabbing Them In The Back!

Talking about them harshly to another! Smearing their name all over town! Wishing & Praying for Harm to come Near Their Dwelling! But yet we claim to be Christians! Children of God! Brothers with Christ! Our Sisters Keeper! This Can’t Be It!!

We are so often Quick to call EVERYONE A CHRISTIAN without looking at their Image, Character, and Their Way of Life! Don’t you have to be Converted? Or is the name change only warranted? Paul had to make a change!!! Ruth had to make a change! Hannah had to make a change! Timothy had to make a change! Peter had to make a change! Moses had to make a change! John had to make a change! Samuel had to make a change! Who are you that you don’t have to make a change? You just get to stake a claim and it’s so? We just say a person is a Christian and it’s so? No image adjustment? No character adjustment? How does that work? Even Jesus had to make adjustments!!

How do sinners, get to waltz into God’s church without making any kind of adjustments? Are we all reading from the same Bible? Are we acting like We are His or are we Faking It? Do we really want to Lead Others to Christ? Or Are We Faking It?

What did the Disciples Do? What were they Chosen to Do? Spread the Gospel Right? Share the Good News Right? While They were Doing This; what Kind of Things Happened to Them? Did They Get to Walk Around As They Pleased? Or did their CHARACTER, IMAGE and ATTITUDE Have to Change?

When Lazarus was called from out of that Dead Place! The Grave! How Did He Come Forth? Was He able to Stay In His Grave Clothes? Yes or No?

Or Did Jesus instruct Them to Remove Them? Who Are The Them? Read the story here: John 11 and find out Who They Are? Lazarus had help!! The Church is supposed to help not hinder!

We are all called to cast our nets into the deep and pull out survivors and bring them back to dry land! Never were We Instructed to just Go To Church! Never were We Instructed to just Call Ourselves Christians! Never were We Instructed to Just Stay As We Were! When Jesus encountered the Adulterous Woman, Before He Sent Her on Her Way; He Told Her

“Go And Sin No More”… John 8

We are called for More! We are called to Go Higher! We are called to make a change; make a difference! Not just the Pastor! Not just the Apostle! Not just the Teacher! Not just the Prophet! Not just the Evangelist!! But everyone that says they are a Christian! Everyone that claims to be a Servant! Everyone that claims they are Blessed & Highly Favored! Everyone that claims they are a Child of God!! Is this you?

Written and published by Dr Tamara

©2021 Copyrighted

Kingdom Gals Ministries

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