It’s A New Day!!

Some of us are just built different! All of us get tempted but it’s how you deal with it that matters!!





Talk back to that big voice in your head soothing you to go out and be bad!!

“I’m refusing to listen to you!

No I don’t want to be like that anymore!

I love myself!

And I love my Heavenly Father!

He didn’t create me to be like this!

I am rolling with him, because he has my best interests in mind! And he will never leave me lonely!!”

When the enemy tries to push you to go back to bad habits, for instance an old flame let him know you arent up for his shenanigans! He will want to remind you how you felt when he/she touched you in your favorite spot or when they would whisper those dirty words in your ear! You know what? Remind him of what you remember! I remember when he/she didn’t want me! I remember it was only sex for them; they didn’t want a relationship! Who do you think I am! Oh you don’t know! I am a child of the most High God! He is my Lord and my Savior! And he says that I will have all that I can ask for and imagine! And that is way more than you can offer me; so goodbye and good riddance!

You have to stop the enemy in his tracks and let him know that you are changed! You’re delivered and you not down for the okie dok no more! Point blank period!!

Written and published by Dr Tamara

©2021 Copyrighted

Kingdom Gals Ministries

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