Spiritual Self-Assessment

Title: Spiritual Self-Assessment

Scripture: 1 Samuel 16:7

Writing has always and will always be therapy for me! It’s my time to just release and let go and be open to healing and deliverance. Everyone isn’t always open to sharing what is going on in their life; let alone their minds. But I have always found healing in letting go and letting God take over. I pray that this release will be a blessing to you; and for you; and will help in any area in your life. 

The scripture that I am using to bring forth this message speaks volumes and I know many have heard of it and have read it for themselves. We as human beings are quick to look at a person and how they look, how they dress, how they talk, how they react or interact, and their way of doing things and make assumptions, judgments etc based on what we can see on the outside! We very seldomly test their motives or check their heart posture; but God looks inward! He knows the innermost parts! How we think! Why do we think that way! Etc. But more importantly He can determine our heart posture; what’s tied to our thinking, actions, reactions etc. If a person is hurt; they will respond in a different manner! If a person is angry; they will respond in a different manner! If a person is offended; they will respond in a different manner! If a person feels rejected; they will respond in a different manner! If a person feels abandoned; they will respond in a different manner! If a person feels used or abused; they will respond in a different manner!

The point I am trying to make is that we can’t look at a person’s outward appearance and see what they are dealing with on the inside! We have to go deeper; I like to call it “Deep Sea Diving”; it goes way beyond the surface! It’s dark, it’s gloomy and it takes time and patience. I really believe this is one of the reasons that God had me go back to school and get my PhD in Christian Counseling; I love to go “Deep Sea Diving” in my own life and the life of others! I love helping people get free and move past the things that are holding them back!

Can I tell you a story? Just recently I had an interview and one of the questions that was posed to me was this: “If you’re on a team or working on a special project; and it somehow got off track; what would you do?” And this was my response: “I’m always going to do a self-assessment! What did Tamara do to get off track? What did Tamara do or allow in her presence to get her off track? Yes I could be part of a team; but I have to always look at myself as an individual; and find out what I did first and correct it!” We very seldom want to look at ourselves as the problem! We have to get to the place where we look inward first and then outward; and act/react accordingly.

So lastly I want to share this. I lost a very special person just recently and it really knocked me down. Not too long ago she was on my mind and I made a mental note to call her because I was driving at the time; I couldn’t put it in my calendar or text myself the message. But I got sidetracked and never made the call, never got to hear her voice, never got to hear her say I love you; one more time. And that is breaking my heart, even now that I am sitting here writing this blog post. I dropped the ball and I had to do a “Spiritual Self-Assessment” and what I got back from doing that; is that I need to get back on track! I have allowed people, places, things that didn’t serve a purpose or time in my life to take me away from those that really matter; those that really love me and I don’t accept that from me any longer!

My friend that I lost; while she is gone out of this world; she will always have a special place in my heart! She looked way beyond the person I was back when we met in 2006; and loved me with the love of God! I wasn’t even saved back then; but she took me under her wing; and spoke life into me! Gave lifelong knowledge and wisdom; that I will always cherish! She kept me out of trouble; I was a young single mom at the time that we met and wasn’t saved! She kept me out of trouble! She prayed for me and my kids! I didnt have alot of good people in my life then; but she was monumental in who I am now and I thank God for Him bringing her into my life!

We have to let people in! No matter where we are in our lives; we will never arrive there on our own! So I pray you do that “Spiritual Self-Assessment” and find out what, who, needs to be rooted out and when and where it needs to happen! Allow the “Deep Sea Diving” to take place. 

And lastly, for all the awesome and amazing people that you have in your life. Tell them you love them now! Make time continually to have a conversion with them, check on them and give them your time. 

Be blessed and until next time

Dr Tamara aka SingleMomofPurpose

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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Self-Assessment

  1. Dr. Tamara this touched my soul, thank you for sharing your deep diving self-assessment! You are absolutely right about not letting the little things that distract us daily from taking our focus off of what is really important. God and and brothers and sisters in Christ! I know your friend knew you loved her and I know she told you she loved you the last time you spoke because she always did!


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