Unshakeable Faith

Everyone will have a varying definition of faith; mine is when you have complete trust in God! Nothing and nobody can come between that; there is no Eve moment! The serpent can’t come in your ear whispering nothing to you, because you’re going tohave your Bible ready for him. What do I mean by that? When the enemy swept Jesus away to tempt Him; Jesus gave him Bible! He was unwavering in His Faith and we should be the same way. 

Does your mouth match your heart, soul, spirit, mind, and body? You can speak with your mouth that you believe in God and youcan have faith in Him; but does your soul, spirit, mind, and body agree with that statement? If you speak those words your actions have to match! Your walk has to match! You can’t speak it and not live it! 

Have you read the book of Job? When you read through the chapters; you find out that Job was taken through the fire!! He lost a lot! His friends believed he did something wrong and even his wife doubted him!! But through it all Job kept his Faith in God and his blessings were multiplied!! He got double for his trouble…Why would your situation or mine be any different? If God did it for Job, why not for us?

Sometimes you have to be crushed; in order to rebuild….to refocus…to re-adjust!! If everything is going well in your life.then what do you need God for? What do you need Faith for? Some of us need to be reminded of who and what got us to the heights we have reached! The tables we have sat at! The places we have been! 

Crushing shouldn’t always be viewed as the end of something; but the beginning of something that is going to change the outlook and the pinnacle of your life. 

The season that I’ve been in the past few years is one where people that were friends; became foes! My money started looking a little funny! Opportunities would come and go! Family issues would try and overtake me! Lies and rumors tried to tarnish my good name! Folks would try to tell me I wasn’t who I know God called me to be! My gifts were being downplayed or being taken for granted! So many trials and tribulations tried to get me off course; but I kept my faith intact and you know what? 

God showed up and showed out because His word will never return to him void!! I had to build my faith muscles up! I didn’t start here; but I was determined to get here. At those times when it was low, or I was in a battle to keep it; I reminded myself of people in the Bible and how they amplified their faith. Daniel! Job! David! Samuel! Hannah! Moses! Abraham! I couldn’t allow the enemy to steal not one more thing from me! No matter how it looks or feels; my faith will be unshakable; because I know who I serve and who I am with Him!!

Written by Pastor Tamara McCarthy

©️2021 Kingdom Gals Ministries

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