Why Are You Here?

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:1-16

Jesus gave His disciples a PEP TALK….

Jesus never missed out on an opportunity to TEACH His disciples! He knew he wouldn’t physically be with them forever, so He wanted to equip them to be effective when He departed from them!

He never shied away from speaking life into them; encouraging, motivating and empowering them to do the same things that he was able to do. But he also let them know when they were slacking off and not being who He had called and chosen them to be!

He wanted to let them know while he was training them to be fishers of men that it wouldn’t be an easy task. The road wouldn’t be easy; they would encounter many trials and tribulations on their journey; but he wanted to instill in them that they were above all that they would encounter.; and no matter how it looked or how it felt! He would always be with them!

As children of the Most High God this still applies to us this very day! The same words that Jesus spoke to His disciples have the same effect and power today! No matter your situation or circumstance; you’re still BLESSED! No matter what you’re going through when you’re living for more of God and less of you; You’re still Blessed!!

We know why Jesus had to come down here!! But why are you here? What is God’s will for your life? What has He created you to do? What has He created you to uproot & dismantle? What has He created you to uncover & shut down? It’s time to figure it out! So I ask you again; Why Are You Here?

Written and published by Tamara McCarthy

©2021 Copyrighted

Kingdom Gals Ministries

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