If These Eyes Could Talk..

Genesis 19:26

If your eyes could speak; what would they say? What would be revealed to those around you? What would they see that you don’t want them to see? So many that are in this world do the most trying to keep what they’ve done and been apart of under wraps!!

But those that have come to love and know the Lord; know that all has to come out of you if you’re to be renewed and saved in God!

You release all those things that used to be a part of you when you were of the world! You don’t hold on to that stuff just in case you need it again!

When you’ve chosen or decided to be one with Christ; why would you need the things that you possessed when you were in the camp of the enemy?

So when you’ve taken up residence in the Kingdom of God; you have no need for those type things! Those type people! Those type places!! Why is their number still in your phone? Why do you still have them in your fav five? Why are they still on speed dial?

How are you still reminiscing over and over in your head of how it used to be?

God is trying to take you to a new place! A higher level! A place where your eyes have not seen and your ears haven’t heard the singing and chirping of these birds!

The air is fresher and the flowers bloom over here differently! You haven’t seen this place but you’re looking back and wanting that old, raggedy life back!

You want that man that was beating you down! Telling you that you’re nothing and nobody wants you and leaving you for another woman every chance he gets! This is what you want?

God is giving you his best and you want someone’s sloppy seconds? Really? You want a man that doesn’t know who he is and who he belongs to?

God wants to give you a man that will love you and you alone but you want a man that is married to another woman? You want a man that will sit at home and play video games while you’re out working to pay all the bills and provide for your children!

God wants to send you a man that will allow you to stay home and raise your kids, get a degree and start your own business but you want a grown boy who don’t want you to know more than him because he knows you will eventually leave him!

Is this what Lot’s wife saw when she looked back? Or did she see those men that came to her house that night and wanted to be one with the angels that God sent to free her family? They weren’t looking to give their life back to God they wanted to impose their way of life; on those that were sent and called by God!

How could she looked back on that place and want to go back there?

How could you not listen to your husband; when he told you not to look back? What was so good back there that you just had to get one more look?

I don’t know Lot’s wife name but I would’ve ask her; was it worth it? I would also ask the Israelites that took all that time 40 years because they just couldn’t listen to the messengers of God?

What was so good while you were bound that you fought so hard to stay in that same mindset?

Instead of looking back and wishing you could go back; why not thank God from what He brought you out of?

1. He saved me from the hands of 2 abusers!

2. He saved me from drinking my life away!

3. He saved me from a promiscuous lifestyle!

4. He saved me from believing all the negative words; people spoke over my life.

5. He has kept me in my right mind!

6. He saved me from settling for potential; when His greatest is on the way!!

This is not even close to all God has did for me!

What has God did for you?

Written and published by Pastor Tamara

©2020 Copyrighted Kingdom Gals Ministries

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