The Power of God

1 Corinthians 1:17-18; 30-31

I am a firm believer that God will use certain situations in our lives to grab a hold of our attention and seek to have a conversation with us; but many of us aren’t tuned into that frequency and miss out on hearing from Our Heavenly Father and what it is He is trying to tell us.

We have many references in the Bible when this needed to take place.
I need you to change from your wicked ways! (2 Chronicles 7:14)

I need you to pick up your mat and walk! (John 5:8)

I need you to stop sleeping around! Get you a husband of your own! (John 4:17-18)

I need you to lead my people to The Promised Land; to their land of “milk and honey”
(Exodus 3:17)

Can I tell you this has been a journey in itself!! Getting to this place! Getting to where God says you need to be is always going to be a journey!!

The enemy doesn’t want you to succeed so he is going to do everything in his power to stop you, distract you and when that doesn’t work; he tries to take you out!!

Can anybody relate to that? If you’re not under attack and don’t have stuff being thrown at you left and right, then you may want to check your circle and examine who you are rolling with!!

Because if you’re rolling with the Alpha & Omega! The Beginning & The End! The One that sent His Only Begotten Son! Then you will have some trials and tribulations!! You will go through those Crushing Seasons and take up residence in the Wilderness!

Many of us are still not fully grasping the power that we receive from God! We are still walking around like we don’t know who we are and whose we are!

If we just commit to the process of walking with Him! Allowing Him to make our crooked paths straight! Allowing Him to create in us a clean heart; a renewed mind; a cleansing of our bodies to get us clean from all of the dirt we’ve allowed to attach itself throughout the years. Many of our paths wouldn’t seem so hard!

God is looking for those that are willing to get outside of themselves and go out into the world and round up His children that have gotten lost out in the world and let them know it’s time to come back home!! God is looking for willing vessels who will listen and know His voice and will follow His commands and go forth with the assignment they have been given!! Just like Jesus did with the disciples! Jesus went out seeking willing vessels and showed them how and what they were to do so when the time came to go out and be fishers of men they were prepared; they were equipped!!

We’re they perfect? No. Were they without flaw or blemish? No! But they were willing! Did Peter know how to walk on water? No, but he was willing! Did the disciples know how to cast out evil spirits? No, but they were willing! Being willing also means you’re open to being taught; being shown the proper way of doing things!!

Like when Jesus told them these only come out by fasting and prayer!! Everything may not be as simple as we think! It will require an extra step from us and that’s why we have to be willing to go the extra mile!!

But guess what we will also have to be obedient! I want to tell you about a time when I was given an assignment that was way too much for me to bare! 

Do you think I would be standing before you today; if I wasn’t obedient to God? If I didn’t heed to his voice when He told me to go pray for my grandfather? How can He send me out into the world to dismantle strong holds, crush serpents and bind up the enemy if I couldn’t pray for the soul of my grandfather? Yes, I may have grumbled and complained!! Yes, I left that day, but I went back the next!! He allowed my grandfather to hold on one more day because He knew my heart! He knew I would be back!! I just had to get my mind right!! I couldn’t go in there the way I was that day!! I wouldn’t have heard his directions and allow the Holy Spirit to lead me; if I was all in my emotions!! It’s time to get your mind right! It’s time to get your emotions in check and allow The Holy Spirit to lead you!!

Many of us release —-or forfeit our power and hand it over to the enemy because we don’t believe that we are worthy of it! —We’ve allowed what our haters have said about and to us to lead us down a path of destruction!! We are still giving the enemy full access into our lives and believing the lies that he whispers in our ears; and therefore, relinquishing our rights to the power of God!

Speaking Defeat! Allowing our emotions to control us and dictate our day, life, relationships etc. You must’ve forgotten that the enemy; your enemy and mine only comes to steal, kill and destroy!!

Our Heavenly Father has given US the Authority (Luke 10:19) to crush serpents (snakes) and scorpions (predators) and you’re out here given away that authority to partner with the enemy; because he somehow promised you the world!

We found out in Matthew 4:1-11 that the enemy tried his hardest to tempt Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but he got shot down!! (Jesus had been fasting for 40 days and 40 nights and he appeared weak and the enemy decided to make his move; but guess what Jesus was still ready and equipped to take him on!)

Some of us can’t fast for 1 day and be crying….when did food become more important than your place in the Kingdom of God? Your Inheritance? You want answers to your prayers but won’t follow the guidelines that Jesus came and laid out; right in front of our eyes!!!

Do you remember how Jesus shot him down? With the word of God…that’s your number #1 weapon against the enemy!! Your Bible; each and every time he comes to you with his lies you tell him what the Bible says!! What God says! What Jesus says!! How many of us fall victim when were at our lowest points in life?

I’ve come to remind you to Be on guard because the enemy is near and waiting to see who he can devour! Men and women of God be on guard be aware of your surroundings and of those that are creeping their way into your inner circles! Your friend zone! They come too you smiling and calling you friend, their woman, their man and all the while silently plotting to take you out!! They seek to get you far away from God and the purpose He has placed in you!

The Power to be the woman or man He has called you to be!! It’s time to realize your power and take it back!! You are supposed to be the head and not the tail!! Stop allowing the enemy full access into your life!! Put your foot down and crush that serpent once and for all!! God has placed something in you that only you can deliver! Only you can bring to life and that’s the very thing that the enemy wants to get access to so he can use it for himself or bury it where you won’t be able to recover it!

Take back your Power and shut the enemy down once and for all…How many of you are ready to take your Power back? Some of you may be asking yourself; how do I do that?You do that by letting the enemy know he doesn’t have any more access to you! You know who you are and whose you are and your walking into what God has for you.

God told me when you begin to stand up to your enemy. When you begin to speak those things as if they were. When you begin to show him you’re not scared. When you begin to release every single thing that he has been holding over your head. When you begin to show him that you now know that your words have power. When you begin to tell him that life and death are in the Power of your tongue; and you’ve chosen Life. When you begin to show him that you are a daughter/son of the most High God.

When you begin/continue to do these things you are Crushing Serpents!! You are taking back your Power and removing the hold the enemy thought he had on you and over you!!

It is Time to Take Your Power Back! It Is Time to Take Your Power Back!
We all have a choice!! We have the opportunity to receive The Power of God in our lives…Deuteronomy 30:15 and Proverbs 18:21….

Choose how you will speak over the life of others and your life!! There is power in your words!! Your mindset has to shift on the things of God that old man/woman has to be wiped away.

You can’t walk into the Power of God with old residue from your past escapades still seeping out of your pores!! Your language has to change!!

You have to carry yourself differently; so others can see the Power of God in your life; so much that it makes them to want to come into right standing with God!

And that is how the Power of God operates! He will take you from all the trials and tribulations that you’ve had to endure and raise you up to the woman/man that He needs you to become!! You can’t continue to walk around with your head down!! Because He is consistently whispering in, your ear: you’re chosen; I’ve called you by your name!!

So, I challenge you all today: Sir-Ma’am
Pick up your Full Armor of God! Pick up your Helmet sir/ma’am Pick up your sword sir/ma’am Pick up your shield sir/ma’amLet me tell you; how I put the enemy on notice each and every time time he thinks he has won! I remind him of who I am and who I belong to……

©️2020 Kingdom Gals Ministries

Written by: Pastor Tamara

Founder of Kingdom Gals Ministries

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