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Tamara McCarthy is a Pastor, Author, Writer, Blogger, Podcaster, Motivator and Single Mom. She has earned her MBA in Management, Bachelors in Marketing and certified in Human Resources; and a PhD in Christian Counseling.
It has always been her passion to uplift, motivate, encourage and inspire young ladies and women to live their best life; while going through the journey of getting more of God and less of them!

This journey isn’t easy and we need those that have gone through those murky waters to guide others through!

She is the Founder of Kingdom Gals Ministries; and Founder of Tamara McCarthy Enterprises. She has written & self published books 25 thus far; they are available on Amazon.com for purchase.  


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I started this journey for young ladies and women; who are SEEKING God and a PERSONAL relationship WITH HIM..I want to EMPOWER HER! I want to ENCOURAGE HER! I want to MOTIVATE HER! I want to INSPIRE HER! And most importantly; I WANT to BECOME HER! Will you join me; on this journey?

None of US are perfect; There WILL ALWAYS be ROOM to GROW…


This podcast will inspire, encourage, motivate, empower and teach you on various topics and situations as you navigate through your Christian journey. Just go to either podcast application and search for (Single Mom of Purpose) to begin listening.

“But Jesus turned around, and when He saw her He said, Be of good cheer, daughter; your faith has made you well. And the woman was made well from that hour.”


Kingdom Gals Ministries is founded on this very scripture!

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I want to help young ladies & women; grow closer to God and help them to live the life; that He has designed for them!

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